The origin of Enrico Benetti

Enrico Benetti originated in 1946 when after the war,  two brothers set up a small business in the old chicken shed. They started off making leather items like footballs and shopping bags. The company quickly grew into a successful company, and they moved to a larger building. When the sons of the founders joined the business, they started importing ladies bags and the production of leather school bags. From the nineties, luggage was added to the Enrico Benetti collection. From the first day on, craftsmanship and quality are core values for Enrico Benetti, and those values are our priority until this day.  Meanwhile, Enrico Benetti's collection consists of women's and school bags, sports and travel bags, suitcases, travel accessories and wallets. We launch a catalogue with new items twice a year, but we also have a basic collection of timeless items that remain in the collection for longer. Characteristic for Enrico Benetti's products is the good price-quality ratio. This is also reflected in the high score that the products achieve in various quality tests of consumer organizations. For example, several suitcases have already emerged as the best of a high score from the test. With an Enrico Benetti item you have a valuable product to enjoy for a long time!